Benefits of a Corporate Wellbeing Program

  • Higher staff morale
    Reducing stress in the workplace means your employees are happier overall, with the added benefit that staff feel better about themselves when they have an exercise routine.
  • Decreased illness and absenteeism
    Workplace stress causes a range of physical and emotional illnesses, including depression. Stress suppresses the immune system so that it takes longer to recover from non-stress-related illnesses. This results in a loss of work hours. The stretching and strengthening aspects of yoga and pilates are beneficial for preventing and alleviating back pain and other recurring problems. This can be especially important for office staff who are hunched over computers all day.
  • Reduced worker’s compensation claims
    Stress-related WorkCover claims account for almost 30% of all WorkCover claims and are about twice as expensive as other claims. It may also reduce claims for muscular and joint problems which can be prevented and alleviated with workplace yoga and pilates.
  • Higher productivity
    All of the factors mentioned above, plus the fact that people think less clearly when they’re over-stressed, means that putting in place effective stress management strategies such as yoga and pilates classes at work will increase productivity and improve your bottom line.

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